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If you’re not exactly a scone fan, then you’re just exactly the person we’re looking for…to try ours. You see, The Scone Ranger understands and appreciates the reason that scones often get such negative reviews, because they’re DRY.

His wife, Mrs. Scone Ranger, was once one of the pastry’s toughest critics. She understood that the traditional European scone was meant to be consumed with clotted cream and jam, and washed down with tea. And she wasn’t interested. So, he set out on a heroic mission to create the perfect scone…a scone to be desired for its tender texture and phenomenal flavor. And he succeeded. When she tasted his Orange Cranberry scone, it was love at first bite.

Soon thereafter, amidst contented sighs and whispered murmurs of “My Hero,” she christened him “The Scone Ranger,” as he is known to this day. And being much encouraged by her lavish praise, he baked again, and again, and again until he had created over 40 varieties of the mouth-watering treats. And there was much rejoicing in the land.


What’s going on right now withe the Scone Ranger?

We’re gearing up for the new year; Come back soon to see what’s next for us in 2018!


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